The Guardian
The Guardian which is a daily newspaper has become a baby of many Tanzanian families its circulation currently stands at a tune of 15,000 copies per day countrywide. The paper sells more in urban areas where it is read more widely by the corporate class, international communities,university students, politicians and government officials.
 Our survey has established that a copy is read between 2 -6 readers.
You can read The Guardian in our Website: www.ippmedia .com    
The Guardian that saw its birth in mid-1990s posed a great threat to papers that were already in the print-media market as the new baby hit the market with a bang and within short time it was in the march with its competitors. Of late It has won hearts of many, thus winning prizes.
It fears no one as it remains at the helm of print- media market.      
The Guardian targets both local communities and International communities. However, businessmen and politicians are the regular readers of this great newspaper; on the other hand the paper is up-in-arms to promote economic and social changes of in this growing nation. Being a tailor-made products make this great newspaper unique, exceptional and a crowd –puller.       
The Guardian is read all over the county across all regions of mainland and island (Zanzibar) and their respective districts, our distribution network is reliable timely and superb.         
The Guardian on Sunday

It’s a leading weekend reliable English newspaper which deals with serious analysis on all social, political and economical issues across the globe. Also contains a summary of the whole week hot issues.

It’s the leading Swahili daily newspaper which target at the general public and cater for all age groups carrying a rich mix of news articles, features, analysis, photos, politics, economics, education, sports and entertainment and other issues
Nipashe has serious tailor-made contents that touch or suit different groups of our readers in the field of economy, education, politics and social. The paper plays its cardinal role of educating, informing, entertaining as well as abiding with the recent media function of helping the readers make informed decisions.
News wise, coverage targets national, regional and international news given wide coverage. We also have pull-outs on Politics, economy and various columns.
We are aiming mainly at the general public and swahili Speakers in particular, people of different education levels, ranges from corporates, politicians, students, workers, government Officials as well as the local communities in urban and rural areas. So, the paper has won hearts and confidence of the population.
Is a great pleasure that our Kiswahili  Newspaper circulation is at 28,000 copies and our latest survey reveals that each copy is read by no less than ten people a day. This is very heartening as many eye for our Copies. No doubt, Nipashe with its regular Earth-shaking stories stands to be the most outspoken countrywide.
Other readers prefer calling it “Mwanga wa Jamii” the paper’s Slogan.   
Nipashe is read all over the county across all regions of mainland and island (Zanzibar) and their respective districts, our distribution network is reliable timely and superb as we have well established office in Various regions manned by well trained Regional representatives.  
Our competitive advantage:
Nipashe’s uniqueness is very outstanding as it is handled by professional and ethically trained journalists. Our niche product is publishing unquestionable factual content which enabled the publication to become a threat to long-timers and within a short time it grabbed the market. 
This could be witnessed through sharp drop of sales by the old newspapers.            
On the other hand we are committed to continue giving the public the best products within our capacity and we will continue to ensure our articles are well balanced and ethically treated.
Nipashe Jumapili

It’s the leading weekend Swahili newspaper, the curries more of the information on events that happened in the past seven days which normally includes current news, opinion editorials and controversial topics.

Sema Usikike
Sema Usikike is the only paper that has cut-throats in the country. Its strong investigative stories make it survive the throat-cutting competition.    
The paper most of the time unearth sensitive issues mostly concerned with daily life, economy, politics as well as social matters. It reports Investigative stories.
We will always keep uncovering the hidden issues.
Mainly targets all groups of people, businessmen, politicians, government officials and ordinary people.  Sema Usikike is a product that has fully impressed the readers for the investigative articles.                                                                                                                                                                     
This is a weekly paper that comes out every Monday with a circulation volume of 8,000 copies and distributed countrywide. Demand for Sema Usikike is on a high note due to the nature of the articles that are published. Its impact to the society is great.    
This weekly edition reaches all regions in the country, with Dar es Salaam residents enjoy a lion’s share


The Guardian
1.Guardian Main   - hard news, soft news, international and local 
Hard News - Generally refers to up to the minute news and events that are reported immediately, like Politics, war, economics and crime are considered as hard news
Soft News -is background information or human-interest stories
2. Business and Foreign – news about business and investments, for example latest financial trends and analysis local and foreign news 
3.Sports and Entertainment – These are considered as soft news normally covers sports events and stories about the private life of a politician, celebrities and lifestyle both local and foreign. 
1. Hard News – Local and foreign news 
Hard News - Generally refers to up to the minute news and events that are reported immediately, like Politics, war, economics and crime are considered as hard news
Soft News -while soft news is background information or human-interest stories
2.Opinions-this an editorial that has the view somebody takes about an issue, especially when it is based solely on personal judgment 
3.Analysis- This editorial content that faces an examination and evaluation of the relevant information to select the best course of action from among various alternatives.
4.Letter to the Editor and debate –It is a letter send to the editor by a reader that has an opinion on something that a reader has researched it via other journalists articles as long as the reader don’t just lift their exact words of which it formulate an argument about the opposing sides of a subject or to discuss the merits of different arguments and points of view.
5.Sports and Entertainment – These are considered as soft news these are stories about the private life of a politician, celebrities, lifestyle and sports both local and foreign.
Nipashe Pullouts 
These are special focused pullouts that are inserted in Nipashe on daily basis as shown below.
Monday – Sports Pullout – This is a special tabloid focused on engaged activities like athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling and wrestling, both international and local.
Tuesday – Community Pullout – It’s a special pullout that covers issues which includes challenges and successes stories that involve the society. 
Wednesday –Politics Pullout – Special pullout that cover top politics news, analysis, debates, commentaries and expert analysis including politicians profiles.
Thursday – Education Pullout – that covers hard news on education system of Tanzania including higher leaning, features, analysis and success stories from countrywide and international.
Friday –Business and Economy Pullout- This pullout contains of business and investments hard news both local and international including analysis.
Sunday – Entertainment Pullout - This Pullout that contains of celebrity news, profiles debates and lifestyle.